wings over flagler 2014We just can’t get enough of air shows and the Wings Over Flagler – Rockin’ the Runways event promises to be a great value in family entertainment! This annual event features all sorts of family friendly fun for you to take the little ones to! Starting Friday April 25th, and following up on Saturday, this two day event features food, music, air plane related displays and much more!

Have you or your little ones ever wanted to sit in the cockpit of a real plane? How about a ride in a helicopter? You can do all this and more at the Wings Over Flagler – Rockin’ the Runways event! So what makes it rocking? The bands of course! This ear they are offering a great lineup of tribute bands that will keep you rocking’ out all weekend long! No matter what type of music you like, there will be something for you to enjoy. (more…)


home made teardrop camper at nsb car showWhen it comes to camping, everyone has different needs. If you have a light tow vehicle like we do, you may be limited with the amount of gear you can haul. A Teardrop camper might just be what you need to start making family camping memories!

Dating back to the 1950′s, the term “teardrop camper” comes from the style and design of the camper itself. If you take a side look, it sorta looks like a tear drop. In the 50′s there was a huge amount of emphasis placed on DIY projects. Popular Mechanics actually published a set of plans on how an every day guy could actually build one themselves in their garage, then go cross county on an adventure. (more…)


lake worth sidewalk painting festivalUnless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you have undoubtedly seen some pretty cool sidewalk art passed around facebook, email, and maybe even passed around the office. You know what I mean, people are walking down the street and it looks like they are falling off a cliff, or they are right in the middle of some crazy jungle. Ever wonder where they come from? The Lake Worth Sidewalk Painting Festival is one place! It’s a proud tradition that is known as Italian Sidewalk Painting.

So they literally paint the sidewalk? Well, sometimes… While it is possible to paint the sidewalk, it’s a bit of a misnomer. If the artist wants a nice clean canvas, it’s common for them to use some matte black paint to start off their creation, but most artists were using a pastel/chalk combination to achieve their desired effect. Not so say they couldn’t use paint, but the amount of detail they were able to achieve with simple supplies at the Lake Worth Sidewalk painting Festival was amazing! (more…)


Florida Strawberry FestivalWhen we checkout an event, I like to write the review as soon as possible. here it is the last day of the Florida Strawberry Festival, and I’m having a difficult time putting the review into words. (Unfortunately that probably means I’ll be posting on this much later.) That is usually a bad thing, but in this case it’s that we got a chance to see so much it’s just difficult to know where to start! Well I guess I’ll try to start from the beginning..

In early 2013, I heard a radio advertisement for the Florida Strawberry Festival and thought it would be a fun weekend trip. We planned to go last year, but the timing just didn’t work out. This year we planned ahead and had it on the calendar. Nothing was going to keep us from checking out the festivities. Again we heard all sorts of advertisements, saw some news broadcasts, and have been hearing about all the fun and excitement for more than a week now. We decided to go on the second Saturday of the event, and we weren’t disappointed!

Our target time to get to the festival grounds as noon or so, and with about a 2 hour trip to get there, we left around 10am. It was a nice drive, and locally Bike Week is in full swing, so it was a welcomed change of pace. We decided to take the toll roads, instead of I-4, so we were able to steer clear of Daytona Beach, Universal’s Mardi Gras Event, and even traffic from The Central Florida Fair. It was well worth the $5 or so worth of quarters. We plugged in the address into our phone and Siri was kind enough to get us to where we needed to go. More often than not, the festivals and fairs we check out tend to be in the middle of no where, or small towns. We were surprised to find that the Florida Strawberry Festival was almost right in the middle of a bustling city. We have no idea if free parking was available at the Florida Strawberry Festival, but we saw tons of people offering paid parking on their lawns or places of business immediately surrounding the festival grounds. Rather than drive around in traffic with a toddler, we decided to do private parking for $10 right outside gate 5. It seemed somewhat legit, as they lady was wearing a bright yellow vest and flagging down traffic for parking off the main road. We generally park in public areas for the expense as well as the fear of being towed off private property, but seemed like a nice area so we decided to pull in. (Don’t worry, when we got back our car was still there, and so were the same people). These folks probably either lived in the home we parked in or was hired by the home owners to make some extra cash.



Florida CampingDespite all the adventures we have gone on, one thing has remained constant: camping in Florida is everywhere! It comes in different forms and varieties including tent camping, primitive camping, RV’ing, and backpacking. You can even go camping at Disney World! It seems that our adventures always seem to go hand in hand with a night out under the stars. As we start venturing out farther and farther across our state looking for adventure, we get farther from home and overnight trips will become fairly common. Florida camping is a great way to help reduce the expenses of travelling, and camping is an adventure all its own!

Just one of the many benefits of living in the sunshine state is that Florida camping is year round! Of course there are better times to go depending on the type of camping you’re into, but generally you can head on out on any given weekend. For example, if you’re tent camping, you may want to avoid going out during the summer months. If you however have a camper or RV, you can shouldn’t have a problem finding a nice place to plug your air conditioner into!

I have some fond memories of growing up in the outdoors from the Boy Scouts, to road trips which included the family’s Prowler tag along camper., and even a truck camper on the back of my Dad’s Chevy! Since there are so many different options I wanted to figure out exactly what type of camping would be appropriate for our family. Feel free to join Frugal Florida Fun as we discuss all the Florida camping options, and who knows you may just wind up running into us at a local camp ground or State Park!

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