SS American Victory Ship Admission Giveaway!

12 Weeks of Summer Giveaways

We have yet another incredible giveaway to tell you about! It is our pleasure to announce that we have partnered with the SS American Victory Ship and Museum to offer a family 4 pack of passes for you to experience the SS American Victory!

ssamericanvictoryWe had the privilege of visiting the SS American Victory ship when we first launched our website, and can’t wait to send another family! Located in Tampa, this historic WWII victory ship is an incredible self paced tour that will have you and your little ones exploring what it would have been like to have sailed on one of these incredible ships! Being one of only a handful of ships still remaining, we are fortunate to have such a great resources here in Florida! Be sure to bring plenty of sun screen as you explore the upper desks in the Florida sun!

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The 2016 Florida Strawberry Festival Is Almost Here!

2016 florida strawberry festivalIf you know us, we love local festivals and fairs, and the grand daddy  of them all is almost here. That’s right, the 2016 Florida Strawberry Festival is almost here! If you have never been, you really need to make plans to check it out this year. There are a total of eleven days this year so you have no scheduling excuses! We even have FREE tickets to give away so be sure to keep reading.

So what is there to do and see at the 2016 Florida Strawberry Festival? Plenty! In fact, this is the largest fair we have ever been to. The midway is ginormous (yes that’s a scientific term), the strawberries are just as delicious, and the entertainment is second to none. FREE music, entertainment and more are all over the 2016 Florida Strawberry Festival grounds! It’s rare that I don’t provide direct information in an article, but there is literally too much to list. Live music for every listener, magic shows, pig races, a Pioneer Village, and even a kids workshop hosted by the Home Depot will be on site.

2016 Florida Strawberry FestivalIf you’re more of a contest type of person, don’t worry, they have you covered as well. The 2016 Florida Strawberry Festival features all sorts of competitive fun! Don’t miss  the corn dog, spaghetti, and short-cake eating contests, (No they are not all a single contest!) or see just how many strawberries it’s possible to stem. If you don’t want to participate in the competitive eating fun, grab a single serve strawberry shortcake and enjoy the show. Continue reading

Florida Aquarium – An Undersea Adventure!

Florida Aquarium EntranceDid you know that we don’t always get a chance to post about adventures we go on? That’s right, sometimes a location or adventure will fall through the cracks. It’s not that we didn’t have fun, or that it wasn’t a great value, but sometimes when we cram lots of Frugal Florida Fun into a single trip, it’s difficult to make sure we cover everything. This just happened to be the case when it came to our visit to the Florida Aquarium! I was actually reminded about this adventure when I was cleaning up some files and ran across a folder of pictures from our outing. It seems like quite awhile since we went to the Florida Aquarium, but we had such a great time that it has left an impression even after all this time.

You may recall we spent a few days in Tampa awhile back checking out all the local sights such as the SS American Victory Ship, The Glazer Children’s Museum, and MOSI. It was time well spent with the family, but the trip actually started with our visit to the Florida Aquarium!  Right from the get-go, we knew our trip was going to be filled with adventure when we walked up to the main entrance. The Florida Aquarium just looks fun! Continue reading

Giveaway #4 – Nights of Shimmering Lights

Frugal Florida Fun Christmas Giveaways

This Christmas season Frugal Florida Fun would like to hook your family up! We have partnered with lots of events, venues, and companies to bring you and your family some great prizes, passes, and much more!  Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss your chance to win.

Giveaway #4 – Nights of Shimmering Lights Admission

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BrickWorld Tampa 2014 – Everything Was Awesome!

brickworld tampaSo do you have the “Everything Is Awesome!” song stuck in your head yet? (It’s from the Lego Movie if you have never seen it.) There is a bit of a back story surrounding BrickWorld Tampa for my family. I was watching the history of Lego on Netflix and discovered that there are huge conventions that feature these tiny little blocks of creativity. I started researching and found BrickWorld Tampa! BrickWorld is a traveling Lego fan event that travels around the country with displays, vendors and much more. BrickWorld Tampa is one of the largest Lego fan events in the state. I should also add that it was awesome!

At this point we have a 2 1/2 year old and a 1/2 year old. The oldest loves the Lego Duplo line which are the larger Legos meant just for toddlers and since he is just past the stage of putting everything in his mouth, I think  he’s ready for big boy Legos! We’ll need to be careful though, as his little brother winds up covered in Duplos when they play together, but I think we’re ready for the next step. I thought it only logical to checkout the BrickWorld Tampa event to see what was out there as far as Legos go. I’m very glad we did!

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