Mr. Stacky Pots – A Great Gardening Experience

Mr stacky PotsUsually when I talk with the Mrs. about starting a garden, she usually rolls her eyes and directs my attention to the remnants of the failed raised bed garden in our backyard. We have been through this at least a few times. First when my oldest was born, when we both had visions of making our own organic baby food. It turns out we had a friend who actually went into business making her own, and our garden never really developed. Next our youngest came around. Since our friend was no longer in the business, I decided to try the square foot gardening method. With poor planning, our garden quickly became overrun by weeds. So this time when I mentioned to the Mrs. that I wanted to try my hand at gardening again she just pointed to the back yard and politely reminded me of my previous failures.

Well the joke is on her this time! A few months ago I decided to take the plunge and purchase some Mr. Stacky vertical gardening pots. I reached out to Mr. Stacky himself and arranged for a product review. After much research, I decided that vertical gardening would be the way to go for our family. Not only was it supposed to be low maintenance, but there would be very little room required. Based on the setup, I also knew that if it was a horrible failure, I could quickly remove the pots, and there would be no evidence left behind! So what in the world is a Mr. Stacky? Continue reading

Host A Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt!

Glow In The Dark Easter EggsI have been waiting all year long to try this one out! Last year right around Easter time, I saw a post by our friends at where Sara told her readers about an awesome Easter tradition: a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt! So here I am a few weeks before Easter and I’m getting my gear ready to go. There is still time if you want to do one too! It’s actually much easier than you would expect and here is what we plan on doing.

For starters, we want to get some of our family and friends involved. Obviously this is more fun for the smaller kiddos, but people of all ages can really get into it. I thought the idea of a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt would be really cool to do in the backyard, but at first didn’t realize how I would actually get the eggs to glow. Glow in the dark spray paint can actually be quite expensive, and it really doesn’t work all that well. That’s where Sara’s great idea came in!

It turns out there are tiny LED lights that are just perfect to be able to pull off a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt, they key is to know what you’re looking for. Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but the secret is: (drumroll please…..) finger lights. Yep, that’s right, finger lights. These tiny LED lights come in a variety of colors and are usually found at the dollar store in four packs, or can be purchased in bulk online. Continue reading

Aquapod Water Bottle Rocket Launcher Giveaway!

12 Weeks of Summer Giveaways

AquaPod Water Bottle Rocket LauncherThis summer, after our trip to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex, the boys and I have been experimenting with water bottle rockets! We actually used a pretty cool DIY rocket launcher, but I realize many Frugal Florida Fun readers may not have the time or the tools to make one on their own. That’s where the Aquapod Water Bottle Rocket Launcher comes in! In no time flat you’ll be launching 2 liter bottle rockets in your very own yard! All you’ll need to do is find an old soda bottle, add some water, and use your own bicycle pump. Your kiddos will love seeing the bottles launch high into the sky after their own countdown and they pull the release cord! The best part is that it’s a much safer alternative than the DIY kits. The Aquapod water bottle rocket launcher features a safety valve and 15 foot pull cord, so you’ll stay high and dry as you launch your water rockets. The best part is that it’s powered by air pressure so there are no model rocket engines to deal with!

Don’t want to wait for the drawing? You can purchase your own Aqua Pod Via Amazon! (Click Here For Link)

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Crayola Outdoor Gift Pack Giveaway!

12 Weeks of Summer Giveaways
91vqYR1NseL._SL1500_We love to get pictures of families experiencing Frugal Florida Fun! We recently received a photo from the winning family of the 4 pack of tickets to the Crayola Experience and it looks like they had a great time! Summer is almost over, but we still have a handful of long summer days left and we want to help you bring out your child’s inner artist, even if you missed out on the Crayola Experience drawing!

We’re giving away an amazing Crayola outdoor gift pack! Included are:

  • Bean Bag Toss & Obstacle Course Games
  • 4 X Four Packs of Sidewalk Chalk
  • 6 Pieces of Glitter Chalk
  • Storage Bucket
  • 3 X Sidewalk Paint
  • Paint Tray
  • Paint Brush
  • Paint Roller
  • Even more sidewalk chalk!

91U7k0zvJiL._SL1500_If you are still planning on heading over to the Crayola Experience, you can purchase your tickets with a $5 discount if you purchase via our special coupon! (Click Here For Coupon)

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KMASHI 15000mAh External USB Battery Pack Charger Giveaway!

12 Weeks of Summer Giveaways

(phone NOT included)

(phone NOT included)

If you have been a long time reader of, then you know we head out with tons of tech gear! It seems like all of our toys need constant charging. Everything from our Motoroloa walki-talkies, our GoPro camera, and yes even our cell phones. Especially when we had theme park passes, the theme park apps were great at showing us how to get around the parks, but they killed out phone batteries! Not to mention that Pokemon Go has become a huge success, you may need a bite more juice while on the go!

This KMASHI 15000 external USB charger is just what you need! This particular model features dual USB ports (1 am and 2 amp), and is charged by the micros USB cable which is included. We don’t leave home without ours, and if we forget to charge it, we just use our car’s USB port to charge it while we are en route to our latest adventure!

Don’t want to wait for the drawing, but realize this is something you must have? For less than $17 you can get one on Amazon, and Prime Members get free shipping!

Ready to win a KMASHI 1500 mAH External USB Charger?

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