Since 1991, this car show event has been going strong! If you’re looking for something fun and FREE to do once a month, be nsb car showsure to check out the car show! Featured every second Saturday of the month, Historic Canal Street in New Smyrna Beach transforms into a pedestrian walk way filled with all sorts of automotive gems! I have seen everything from tricked out car stereos, hopping, flashing, and futuristic vehicles to classic Chevys, Fords, and other vintage vehicles. There is something for everyone to enjoy!

This monthly car show is absolutely free to attend and is sponsored by the East Coast Cruisers Car Club and the Canal Street Historic District. I have been a few times and recently went for a stroll with my little guy as well as the rest of my family. A few considerations that I wanted to point out include parking and the time you actually go to the car show. My suggestion is to go as soon as it starts. As the night winds on more and more of the cars on display head out for the night. I almost felt bad for folks walking in right at the end, as most of the really awesome cars left early. Parking can certainly be a consideration when it comes to this event. There are a few places you can park right on Riverside Drive. The Brannon Center is a viable option so long as no other events are being held there.

One major drawback while visiting this car show is the lack of restrooms and baby changing options. Since my son is only about a year old now, he still needs to get changed up every so often. For being such a large venue, there are no public bathrooms anywhere to be seen. This poses a problem because there were no baby changing tables to be found. I actually resorted to knocking on the door of the local fire station just to see if they had an office or something I could borrow for a few minutes, but they must have been out on a call. My suggestion is to just head back to the car if you need to give quick diaper change.

Car Show Specifics:

Second Saturday of Every Month
4pm to 8pm
Address for GPS:
100 Canal St. New Smyrna Beach Florida (East End of Street)
462 Canal St. New Smyrna Beach Florida (West End of Street)