Sharks With Frickin’ Lasers!

Que the Austin Power’s references! In January we had a great opportunity to check out a laser show music concert at the Daytona Beach Museum of Arts and Science. That’s right, Frickin’ Lasers! My sister had seen a brochure for the monthly concerts awhile back during a free museum day, and at roughly the same time I was researching inexpensive and fun things to do around Florida. Our schedules matched up so I decided to surprise her with a trip to our local planetarium for a laser light show!

Each month, on select Saturday nights, The Daytona Museum of Arts and Science hosts three laser shows. Each with a different musical theme such as Pink Floyd: The Wall, Pink Floyd: Dark Side of The Moon, Metallica, The Beatles, and a classic vinal series; there is bound to be a musical selection you’ll like.

Although admission isn’t free, it’s pretty darned close. On each select Saturday night, there are usually three shows. A single show is $5, a double feature is $7, and a triple feature is $9. Each show is about 40-50 minutes long and can keep you entertained for an entire evening. We only saw the Pink Floyd: The Wall showing, but was a great deal since we didn’t have to pay for entry to the actual museum. At only $10 a couple, this outing would make a great, and cheap date night idea!

“The Wall” on The Ceiling

Once we got to the museum, we already had our tickets, but we had the opportunity to grab a soda, water, or even a few select beers that we could actually take into the planetarium. Tickets are also available for purchase the night of the event. We were a bit early, so we heard the tail end of the Beatles showing, but once the doors were opened, we rushed in to get our seats. The planetarium currently has about 100 seats or so, and although it wasn’t packed, I would recommend getting there early if you want to choose your seats. No matter where you sit though you’ll have a great view!

It had been years since I had step foot in a planetarium, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Just like at the movies, there were a few text previews of upcoming shows projected on the ceiling, as well as a warning that if you leave during the show, doors are locked behind you. To preserve the experience for everyone else, there is no re entry after the show starts.

Once the lights dimmed, the music started and we were treated to a visual and audible bombardment of the senses. Although I have never done illicit drugs before, I would think this is the closest I will ever come to actually tripping on acid! Surprisingly enough it wasn’t really disorienting and the depth of the projections were incredible. The projections almost appeared to be three dimensional, a great effect without the need for glasses. The entire experience was surreal and very relaxing.

Screen Shot of MOAS Site

Now I’m not a big Pink Floyd fan, but the visual imagery was spot on for the music that was being played. The animations were synced to the music and were absolutely incredible! There really is no way to accurately describe the experience. At times it felt as if I was flying, and other times felt like I was part of the show.

After the show, we stopped for a few minutes to speak with the technician who ran the sow and were pleased to find him not only friendly but extremely knowledgeable. He took the time to talk to us about upcoming shows, and even showed us the track list for a few of the upcoming events. Although we were already planning on attending the Metallica showing, he advised this was the most visually impacting, with the most intricate and appealing of all shows they do.He also told us that in less than a year a newer, larger, planetarium facility will be completed, and they hope to have a new selection of musical laser shows to choose from.

Location Specifics

2012-2013 Schedule (PDF)

352 S. Nova Road
Daytona Beach, Florida 32114
(386) 255-0285

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Overall Impression:

Drop what you are doing the next time you have an opportunity to go! At only $5, per person you really can’t go wrong for the price. This would make a great date night idea and is somewhat family friendly. I say somewhat, because the latest show is at 9PM, so little ones may not get through it without falling asleep. The laser shows at the Daytona Museum of Arts and Science are simply mind blowing!