IOld-Town-Trolley-St-Augustine-Tour-mapf you’re looking to visit St. Augustine, there is something you really need to know. It’s definitely a walking town! If you would like to spare yourself the misery of blistered feet, my recommendation would be to checkout The Old Town Trolley St Augustine Tour! There are quite a few reasons why I think this is the only way to explore the city, but I wanted to let you know about an experience my family and I had when we decided to check out the oldest continuously settled city in America.

Start At The Old Town Trolley St Augustine Tour Welcome Center

There are actually a hand full of Old Town Trolley St Augustine Tour Welcome Centers located strategically around St. Augustine, but be sure to pick one with FREE parking. That’s right, it will save you $10 a day right off the bat if you were to park in the municipal parking garage. BAM! It’s starting to pay off already! My recommendation would be to start at trolley stop 1 or 2. These are also known as the Old Jail and US1 Welcome Centers. They are only about a block away from each other, but combined they offer plenty of parking. Another reason I stress to use these stops is that they are right next door to Davenport Park as well as Subway restaurant locations. As you are well aware, I try to minimize expenses during my frugal adventures by either packing a lunch with a small soft sided cooler, or stopping at a local Subway for a sandwich deal. This meets both of my criteria right there. We were also given a coupon for a free footlong sub with purchase once we paid for our trolley passes, so be on the lookout for a green coupon insert in the map.

Ride the Old Town Trolley All Day

One of the rookie tourist mistakes people often make would be to only use the Old Town Trolley St Augustine Tour for transportation only. Since you start at the beginning of a loop at the first or second stop, you really get to know allot about the city by actually listening to the tour guides. We had the opportunity to do an entire loop around the city and found out all sorts of information. The Old Town Trolley St Augustine Tour Guides were very entertaining and did a great job really making the town fun and exciting. The tour takes about 60 minutes to go through an entire loop, and you get to see quite a few spots that either aren’t on the tour map, or you would have never even known they existed.

Once you ride around for a complete loop, then you really get to benefit from the unlimited all day boarding. Feel free to jump on and off at trolley stops all around town, just be sure to bring a map with you. Worst case scenario, if you are looking for a trolley stop and just can’t find one, ask another follow tourist. You’ll be able to pick them out of a crowd, as everyone gets Old Town Trolley St Augustine Tour stickers to wear to show they paid for the tour. Quite a few of our fellow tourists were quite helpful when we were attempting to locate trolley stops.

How many days?

Old Town Trolley St Augustine Tour One thing that really adds value to the price of the Old Town Trolley St Augustine Tour is that your paid ticket will get you re-boarding for up to three consecutive days! This is perfect if you plan on either staying overnight, or if you live close, you can just return the next day. The Old Town Trolley Tour stickers are very durable, but don’t worry, if you lose yours or they just won’t stick for another day, you can just show your ticket at any of the ticket centers and they will gladly give you another one.

If you purchase your tickets online in advance, you’ll be pleased to find that they are good for up to 6 months form your purchase date. You don’t necessarily need to specify the actual date, so if the weather is horrible when you arrive for your Old Town Trolley St Augustine Tour, you can always come back within 6 months.

Get Discounted Attractions Tickets!

Something I didn’t realize is that at any of the welcome centers or ticket stations, you can purchase discounted attraction tickets. You can also buy them online and they offer the same 6 month visitation window. The Old Town Trolley St Augustine Tour offers substantial discounts on most of the area’s attractions. This can save you quite a bit of money especially if you have a family of 4 in tow! A secret that I picked up from one of the ticket agents is that you don’t need to actually purchase Trolley tickets to take advantage of these great savings! You can actually purchase discounted local attraction tickets at any of the ticket centers. I did some research thinking it would be cheaper to just use coupons from the local area discount books, but even with coupons it was cheaper to buy discounted tickets than to worry about the hassle of finding the coupons.

If you didn’t get the opportunity to purchase your Old Town Trolley St Augustine tour passes online, and you want to be spontaneous and frugal, then stop by any hotel in the St. Augustine area and check the lobby for coupon books. I found coupons for $1 off per person for the Trolley Tour, but the online discount is till better if you plan ahead.

Now That’s What I Call Service!

old town trolley st augustine There are a few things I want to point out when it comes to the customer service we experienced with the Old Town Trolley St Augustine Tour.

  • They have a 100% money back guarantee! No seriously, all you do is contact customer service if you are dissatisfied.
  • Old Town Trolley Tours is a Florida based company out of Key West and they value your input. In fact, your tickets are printed on a pre paid post card for you to return any comments about your experience.
  • It started to rain while we were on tour and when the conductor stopped, he actually handed out FREE ponchos to all riders that wanted one.
  • At the end of the day, an entire family purchased Old Town Trolley St Augustine Tour passes, and the gentleman forgot his credit card. Two stops later the Old Town Trolley employee actually got on his motorcycle and brought the customer’s credit card back to him at the next tour stop!
  • Each Old Town Trolley St Augustine Tour Conductor has a bit of a different story and a unique way of presenting the landmarks and local history. Every ride is different, and gratuities are appreciated, but not expected.

Hometown Pass for St. John’s County Residents

If you are a local resident and live in St. John’s county, be sure to checkout the Hometown Pass! This special Old Town Trolley St Augustine Tour Pass is much better than a coupon or discount! For residents in this geographic area, you get to rind free when you accompany a full price guest who purchases their ticket at a local booth. This is perfect for someone who has family coming to town and wants to join them without the expense. This special pass is not available online for purchase, but you must register for the pass in advance. You can do this online through the Old Town Trolley St Augustine Tour Website. If you are a resident and want to take your friends or  family on a trolley tour, you can also look at this deal almost as a buy one get one free pass.

Use The Old Town Trolley St Augustine Tour To Minimize Expenses

  • Leverage your Old Town Trolley St Augustine Tour Passes and take advantage of their Subway Coupon!
  • Remember, FREE parking is offered at their welcome centers.
  • No need to pay for a taxi around town!
  • Don’t forget to get discounted admission tickets to other attractions!



Old Town Trolley St Augustine Tour Specifics:

Old Town Trolley St Augustine Tour
Your  ticket is good for three
consecutive days of unlimited  use.
Includes FREE Admission to St. Augustine History Museum & FREE Beach Bus Shuttle.
Regular Price Online Price
Adult Ticket $23.69 $21.32
Child Ticket (ages 6-12) $10.30 $9.27
Children Under 6 FREE FREE

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Old Town Trolley St. Augustine Tour Map

Google Map of Old Town Trolley Stops

Address For GPS: 167 San Marco Avenue St. Augustine Fl. (FREE Parking)

Hours of Operation: Tours depart continuously every 15 minutes to 20
8:30am to 4:30pm
Hours of operation may be extended during holiday weekends and during peak season. Please call (904) 829-3800 for details.