While I’m not a smoker personally, I have seen my wife go through the process of quitting and know it’s not an easy task. I personally commend her for quitting and encouraged her through the entire process. The secret to her success is that she wanted to quit for herself. If you have the proper motivation, you too can quit! Whether it’s just knowing you will be around longer to spend time with your family, or the fact that you will be saving a truck load of money, you need to find your personal reasons for quitting. Smoking cessation can be a great way to free up money to be able to fund your weekly adventures.

Just how much are you spending right now?

I was surprised to find out that at $4.00 a pack, in a year you will have spent roughly $1500 on cigarettes. This cost doesn’t include the additional expenses you incur as a smoker such as higher insurance premiums and other out of pocket expenses like lighters, matches, and other smoking accessories. Just think of what you can do with all that money you save!

There is no cost to quit!

If you have the ability to quite “cold turkey” that’s great! Unfortunately smoking is a true addiction and many people are unable to do just that. If you take a quick trip down the isle of your local drug store, you will undoubtedly find all sorts of non smoking aids that can set you back q pretty penny. If you are in fact a Florida resident you have a great resource right at your fingertips! There is a completely free way to quit. The Florida quit line can be reached at 1 877 U CAN NOW or online at When you call the line an intake representative will discuss your smoking habits with you and schedule a free counselling session. They will also discuss with you ways that you can obtain free smoking cessation aids such as gums, patches, and lozenges. There is no cost for those who qualify and the only thing you have to loose is your costly habit!

Do you have commercial insurance?

Believe it or not many commercial health insurance providers provide not only information, but in some cases classes that can assist with your endeavours as well. You should first consult your primary care physician in case you need a referral, then contact your insurance company to see what aids may or may not be covered.

Remember it’s not an overnight process, but if you truly want to quit for what ever reason, you can!