St Augustine Alligator FarmWhile spending some time in St. John’s County, we decided to check out the St Augustine Alligator Farm. I’m not really sure why, but I had imagined something more like an actual traditional farm, with large rows of gators to checkout. The St Augustine Alligator Farm was certainly not what we had expected!

The first thing that I should let you know is that you should learn from our mistakes. We under estimated the amount of time we would actually be spending at the zoological park. We arrived shortly after lunch around 1PM or so. If you are going to spend the cash on admission, you would definitely want to maximize your value. We were able to check out a few talks around the park, but in order to fully appreciate the St Augustine Alligator Farm, you would really want to spend the entire day there.

Broken up into different regions of the world, this zoological park has many different areas to explore. There are many exhibits including alligators, crocodiles, and many other reptilians. The St Augustine Alligator Farm is much more than our cold blooded friends though. There are many different animal species to check out including birds, Lemurs and much more.

St Augustine Alligator FarmMy recommendation would be to spend the entire day and make sure you check out the animal presentations located strategically throughout the park. Roughly every hour, these educational sessions are held by zoo staff and really add to the experience. Let me tell you, they really know their animals too! We were quite impressed with the few presentations we were able to catch, and the staff at the St Augustine Alligator Farm even took the time to answer guest questions during presentations. We were lucky enough to actually see the feeding of Maximo, the park’s largest animal. My brother in law was right up against the glass when Maximo began to get territorial and slammed up against the barrier. I swear my brother in law needed a new pair of drawers, and must have jumped 10 feet in the air!

Much like many of the other zoos we have been to, no outside food or drinks are allowed in the zoo. As you’re probably aware, one of my cardinal rules for adventuring is to pack a lunch. I’m a bit conflicted here. We have a smaller family and out little guy will pretty much just nibble on whatever we are having, so I suppose dining in the zoo wouldn’t cost that much, but would certainly add up over the cost of a family of 4. The adult meals are $8.99 each and the food combo meals for the kiddos are $5.49 each, so you be the judge. They also offer a souvenir cup with discounted drink refills. If you’re feeling like an adult beverage or two, the park does also offer alcoholic drinks as well. If you decide though that you just really want to have a picnic lunch, it’s quite alright to leave the St Augustine Alligator Farm and head across the street to a local public park. Be sure to get your hand stamped on the way out for re-entry. Across the street is a public park, and I believe it’s actually a skate park, so I have no idea what the facility entails. Worst case scenario you could always have a tailgate picnic in the parking lot or bring a small cooler up to the front entry where there are a handful of chairs.

St Augustine Alligator FarmWhile we were at the S Augustine Alligator Farm, we were amazed to find that they also offer two zip line courses high above the tree tops. Known as crocodile crossing, these zip line courses are available starting at $35 per person and give a great birds eye view of everything the St Augustine Alligator Farm has to offer! We were amazed that guests were actually able to do the courses on their own without a staff member, until we realized they were actually following them every step of the way on the ground. We unfortunately didn’t get an opportunity to experience the zip lines but would love to return!

If you are planning on heading to the St Augustine Alligator Farm, be sure to checkout their website below. It’s jam packed with information including maps of the park, exhibit information, schedule of animal discussions, and even a menu for the snack bar. I was quite impressed, the site really does have everything you will need to plan your trip there. Who knows maybe next time you’ll see me zipping through the air!

St Augustine Alligator Farm Specifics:

Hours of Operation: 9am – 5pm 365 Days a Year


Facebook Page

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Address for GPS: 999 Anastasia Blvd., Saint Augustine, FL 32080
General pricing – AAA, Seniors, Military Get 10% Off


You may also take the Old Town Trolley to this location. You would get off at Stop #15 and take a shuttle over to the beachside for this attraction.

Adults (ages 12+)
Children (ages 3-11)
Guests in Wheelchairs(Adults)
Guests in Wheelchairs(Children)
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