SSt Augustine Pirate Museumhiver Me Timbers! Thar be booty to plunder in St Augustine! OK so pirates didn’t really talk like that, it’s all movie talk. How did I know this? The St Augustine Pirate Museum of course!  Come check out a completely immersive experience at the St Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum! This pirate museum is like no other you will ever experience. The family and I spent some time at this amazing St. Augustine attraction and weren’t disappointed.

When doing our research, we didn’t really know what to expect. I mean we checked out the St Augustine Pirate Museum website, but it didn’t really prepare us for the adventure! Upon our arrival we were greeted by a very energetic staff that laid out the rules for us. Pretty much everything goes! Everything except flash photography that is. My niece was given a treasure map and told that by the end of our visit she could actually become an official pirate! That’s right, we were told about a special pirate logo that can be found around the St Augustine Pirate  Museum. By finding the clues, my niece could complete a treasure map.

So there we were walking through a replica of Port Royal, amongst actual pirate and treasure items! The museum was very tastefully presented, and the pictures don’t really do it justice. (Sorry, it was either my photography skills, or the lack of flash that made most of the images turn out fuzzy.) Right from the very start we could spend some time in Port Royal learning about the pirate lifestyle in an immersive pirate touch screen library. While the term kiosk, comes to mind, it doesn’t really do the St Augustine pirate museum justice! We felt like we were amongst the many pirates of the time.

St Augustine Pirate MuseumWithout spoiling all of the fun surprises for you, I want to go on record as saying that this is no ordinary museum. The St. Augustine Pirate Museum is truly unique, in that there were no red ropes, or people saying you couldn’t touch anything, instead we experienced quite the opposite! We were able to fire the cannons, a pistol, and feel the real weight of a pirate rifle. Each individual area of the museum was especially created to make you fell like you were actually back in time, walking amongst the pirates! We were able to see all sorts of exhibits and items that were real pirate paraphernalia, and not just reproductions. If you go, be sure to stop by below deck of the pirate ship inside, and checkout what sounds to be like an awesome audio show. Unfortunately we didn’t get the opportunity to experience this but the other patrons seemed to be very impressed.

When I mention animatronic what is the first thing that comes to mind? My thoughts exactly, the Carousel of Progress at Walt Disney World. Well there are a handful of animatronic characters throughout the St Augustine pirate museum, but they are a big step up from the Carousel! These animatronic characters actually seem to interact with the museum visitors and really add to the experience. While it’s obvious they aren’t living people, they are done very well and not just placed in the exhibit for a novelty. Did I mention there was treasure? Well this is actually St Augustine’s pirate and treasure museum! On display are some real authentic pirate treasures as well as treasure chests form the pirate hay day. You can actually touch a treasure chest that is over 400 years old, and feel the actual weight of a gold bar.

St Augustine Pirate MuseumSo how did I know that pirates didn’t exactly go around screaming Argh and Shiver me timbers? There is an entire section of the museum dedicated to sorting out the facts and movie lore of famous pirates. Of course there are some great displays of pirate movie memorabilia, but this seemed like a fitting grand finale to our museum experience. We spent a considerable amount of time going through the St Augustine pirate museum, and actually went through a few times to see things we had missed. My Niece actually found all of the super-secret hidden clues and actually became an honorary pirate at the end of our adventure.

There are some definite advantages to stopping by the St Augustine pirate museum that I thought would help the travelling family. I was impressed to find that there were in fact baby changing tables, in both of the restrooms which is a big bonus for me. Often times it’s just little man and I, and on too many cases I have needed to use the ladies’s room to change his pants.  The entire St Augustine Pirate Museum is actually located indoors and would be a perfect spot to cool off on a hot afternoon. In a town that seems to shut down around 4PM, this attraction is actually opened until 8PM, so it’s a great addition to a St. Augustine evening. I have read some reviews that small children became frightened by some of the exhibits, but my one year old and his 8 year old cousin seemed to have a great time. I suppose it’s not for everybody, but be forewarned that you may need to whisk little ones out if it becomes too intense for them.

St Augustine Pirate Museum Specifics:

12 S Castillo Drive
St. Augustine, FL 32084
(877) GO-PLUNDER (877.467.5863)

Open 7 Days a week 9am to 8pm

Stop #6 on the Old Town Trolley Tour


Admission: $12.99 Adult – $6.99 Child

You can save $1 per ticket by purchasing tickets online through their website. If you’re feeling spontaneous, and you are just heading to St Augustine without a game plan, stop by any hotel, and grab one of the many free coupon books for the area, and you’re bound to find a $1.00 off coupon in one of them as well.

Looking for the best possible ticket price for the St Augustine Pirate Museum? Stop by any of the Old Town Trolley ticket booths or welcome centers for special discounted ticket prices for this attraction. It’s not necessary to actually purchase trolley passes to purchases special discounted admission tickets there.