tervis tumblerSo why a Tervis Tumbler? The answer is simple really. They are so much more than just an awesome cup! You would be hard pressed to find our family without our Tervis Tumblers any time of the week. One of the keys to being frugal is knowing if spending a little extra cash on an item is worth it. In this case it is!

A while back we noticed my In laws always had a tervis tumbler everywhere they went. They couldn’t say enough about them so we figured we would pick up a set and give them a go. We were shocked when we found them at Bealls and and saw that the 24 oz models were going for around $15 each. The price immediately turned us away, but we thought that there must be a cheaper way.

We went to Walmart and purchased some similar tumblers that were a fraction of the price, and they great fora a little while, but soon found that they would crack, chip, and otherwise fell apart. Knowing the price of the Tervis products, we set out to see if we could find some tervis tumbler coupons, but we only found online coupon codes. While that certainly helped, they were still a bit costly.

Buying A Tervis Tumbler With Coupons!

Instead we found two great resources to help us build our tervis tumbler collection. Every month or so, we would get coupons from Bed Bath and Beyond and an occasional Bealls coupon in our weekly paper. Bed bath and beyond was usually good for up to 20% off one item, or a flat $5 off a single purchase. Bealls had similar deals, and soon we were ready to purchase!

So was it all worth while? Absolutely! These 100% American made products are made here in Florida, and are worth every penny! The tumblers use a layer of air to prevent condensation and insulate your drink. Looking for your next coffee mug? Try a Tervis Tumbler! They work for hot and cold drinks. We have also noticed that the high grade plastic used in their construction does not hold on to the flavor of your drink, so no matter what you drink in it, you shouldn’t get any flavor transfer if you decide to just drink water next time.

A variety of sizes are available as well as different accessories. If you want a smaller cup, they are a bit cheaper, and a variety of lids are offered as well. Anything from a sippy cup style lid to a straw or sipper lid are available. The best accessory that they have recently released are handles that make it easier to hold onto your hydration. Something of note to mention is that they generally fit in most cup holders because the bottom is tapered slightly, and they generally don’t need a coaster since they don’t build up condensation. If tumblers really aren’t your thing, they have also released a water bottle style system that comes compelte with a hook loop and a snap top cap. Perfect for the gym!

What About The Tervis Tumbler Warranty?

As if all this wasn’t enough, they have a lifetime warranty! That’s right, buy it once and if it ever breaks send it back for a replacement! I have actually put this to the test,a s one of my tumblers started collecting water between the layers when I would put it in the dish washer. (Oh by the way they are completely dishwasher safe as well!) So I went to their website, got their address and printed out a return form. It was as simple as jamming it in an envelope and a week later, got a brand new replacement! Now while their accessories are clearly not marked with a lifetime warranty, I once had an issue with one of their lids with a crack that formed, again when used in my evil dish washer,  and although there wasn’t a lifetime replacement guarantee, I dropped it in the mail with a quick note about what happened and again, they sent me a new one in the mail. Now that’s customer service!

Despite the higher price tag, our family has determined that you’re not really buying a tumbler, your making an investment. With a lifetime guarantee, Tervis Tumblers have become a staple in my home, car, office, and on my frugal fun adventure! Buy them once, buy them for life. As a side note, i have on occasion seen Tervis Tumbler products at thrift shops. I recommend ALWAYS snatching them up!